Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just a quickie....gotta run!

Yep, this time of the year, 6 AM I hit the ground running...and usually slipping in the mud. It is tree planting time....peaches are going in. Blackberries are getting moved....and we have a new little goat buckling. "what was I thinking?" He is a cutie.....for now...however we all know how this will most likely turn out. Come late fall, early winter...once he goes into his first rut...he will be stinky and rambunctious, and most likely lose his "cuteness" Yesterday was a beautiful day and today is supposed to be even nicer. Sunny and 80! Laundry is ready to go on the line already...waiting on daylight. Plans for today is get the cloths line filled, get the rabbits in the outside run for the day...throw a bunch of straw down for the pigs since we are supposed to get terrible storms Sunday and Monday. Hopefully I will get the potato's in the ground today. I need to get a little bit of small firewood brought in before the rain, we have a few 30 degree nights coming. I noticed the other day that a few of the strawberry plants are blooming. Oh I can't wait for strawberries to come on. This year looks like, if they all do as well as we think....several quarts a day. Farmers Market..... here I come! Are you getting anxious to get out there and get dirt under your nails? It is almost daylight, one more cup of liquid energy then I need to get it going. Get out there....enjoy the sunshine...but watch out for the wasps!! They are EVERYWHERE!

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