Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rain...rain...and more rain!

At least what is falling from the sky is NOT that white stuff. However....we have really had ENOUGH rain for a while.
With all of the rain, comes mud..and what I call...poop soup. Oh boy! We really need about a week or THREE without rain, and daytime temps in the 70's. The other day, I was in the barn when a storm raced in. Here is how it went...... I am out in the barn doing morning chores.. There's Thunder... I quicken my step, I hear the warning... There's Thunder.... The cats are scared, finding places to hide, The sheep are skittish, watching the skies, The goats are angry, wanting to fight, There's Thunder. I splash through water, mud and muck, There's Thunder. Stuffing the hay carrying water buckets.. There's Thunder. Freshen the bedding, throwing the straw, Letting the sheep out of the stall. tripping on cats, hoping I don't fall... There's THUNDER! I grab my jacket, down from the nail... There's Thunder The rain is starting, and even some hail.. There's Thunder. A few hundred steps from the barn to the house, I lock the gate so the goats don't get out. I turn to run, but my legs give out... DAM THUNDER!!! Yes, kerplop! Darned mud....darned Thunder. The kitties have been happy with the warmer temps. They have brought me a few "gifts" Some I was able to save, and set this little one..
This one as well...although it was NOT happy when I picked it up to move it to safety. LOL
Several of the other "gifts" were not as lucky...they were brought to me in pieces. *yuk* So we have been busy gearing up for a BUSY spring planting season....we need to move about 30 tons of dirt, the all of the barn and rabbit "mulch" after planting. Tomorrow I am going to get the potato bed ready for planting. I really need to get them in the ground...soon! Have you been outside and loving the Springtime weather?

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