Monday, April 27, 2015

Itching to get started on the gardens.

Now that we have babies on the goat kids....It makes the fact that Spring is here even harder for me to not get out there and get the garden started. It is still so very muddy out there. *sigh* I am just itching to get my hands in the dirt, so today I will get out there and plant the new peach tree and maybe start digging up the blackberry shoots that are coming up in the yard. I need to pot up 10 for a friend. We traded my blackberry starts for her buckling. What a good trade! We both are happy about it. It isn't going to be super warm today, only 66 degrees, but it WILL be I plan to be outside as much as my poor back will let me. The Blue birds are nesting in the little house I put up on the grape harbor...
I took this picture last year, before I hung the bird house....on the top left side of he harbor. The sun is shining, so I am headed out to see what I can get into today....get out there, enjoy the day...Spring is here!!!

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