Friday, May 1, 2015

Getting back into the swing, or trying.

This time of year, we step outside and realize all of the jobs we have to get done. Some are big, some are smaller..either way, after a long winter there are a lot of things to get done. So, pick your "poison" and do it wisely. My problem is, I try to pack too much into one day. I get up in the morning, and while drinking coffee I lay out the day, always thinking I can get so much done, and not stopping to realize just how involved one may get. Like today. We have that strawberry patch we put in last year. There are 5 rows that are about 30 ft long. The weeds are coming up so fast I can barely see the strawberry plants
. Well, today the temps in the low 70's, sunny, light breeze. My plan, get all of the weeds pulled, replae any plants that didn't make it through the winter...then bring the barn bedding over and lay it in the rows. No biggie.... right? I mean, there are only 5 rows. HAHA! I was able to get 2 rows done. It is a lot harder getting back into the swing, once you turn 50. It doesn't help that we have the baby goats pip poppin around and "require" scratches once in a while. I mean...just look at them!
Now the sun is setting....I am clean and in my warm by my side. Time to rest these old sore bones and get ready for round two, tomorrow.

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