Sunday, May 17, 2015

The fruits of our labors....

It starts. The strawberries are just starting to ripen and I am giddy! Friday early evening as I walked through our new strawberry garden a flash of red catches my eyes. My heart races....fresh strawberries! Not a whole lot to get excited about, just yet....but those first few are always exciting. As I walked the rows, I found 3 pretty good sized strawberries. I quickly pick them and cradle them in the safety of my from the birds and bugs that want them as much as I do!
I hurried back inside with my treasures and show them to the hubby. I hand them to him....and head back outside to finish with the evening chores. A mistake I know I will not make again! When I came back inside....he tells me how " sweet those strawberries were" Waite......WERE?? Yep, he ate them all. *sigh* That is OK, There will be plenty more...later. Forward to Saturday. Again, on my way from the barn, I stopped in the strawberry patch...just maybe there would be a few more?? As I walked the first two rows, nothing. Disappointment crept up....then, I see it. ONE big red strawberry. I smile...and quickly pluck it. This one is mine! I will not even stop at the house to show the hubby....I quickly head to the chicken coop to let the chickens out...stopping at the rain barrel to wash my prize. I stepped into the coop, berry in hand and there stood Momma. Now momma is my favorite little hen. She has been with us for 8 years now, and has raised several little ones. She eyed my strawberry.....then looked at me...back to the strawberry. She watched as I lifted it to my mouth, then....she did it. She dropped her little head in disappointment. I swear I could see her shoulders slump and heard a little sigh. I froze. DRATS! I turned my back to her so I could eat my strawberry without prying eyes.....but I could "feel" her watching me. Why does she have to be so darned CUTE!????
I quickly take a small bite...I couldn't resist....but then I bend down, and give the rest of it to her. She ended up with more than half...but that is OK. She is a special little hen...and there will be plenty more strawberries....later. She was so happy. She quickly gobbled up the sweet berry.
I will tell you.....IF when I walk through the strawberry patch later this morning...and I find another ripe one.....I will wipe it on my shirt and quickly pop it in my mouth. I will not leave the area with it in my hand. I will not look into the eyes of another being...that wants MY strawberry.

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