Sunday, May 10, 2015

What am I forgetting???

So for the last two days, the hubby and I have been busting our butts, trying to get the last of the gardens planted. Friday I planted 2 rows, 20 ft long of potato's, and a hand full of onions. It felt good getting them in the ground, but we were a long way off from being done. Yesterday I was able to get the green beans in while he filled the raised bed for the tomato's. By the time I finished, he was finished so I set in the tomato's and 20 Brussels sprouts. That was enough for one day, the heat combined with humidity was really taking it's toll on us. Today...we planned to finish....I had to run into town for gas and I wanted to pick up a watermelon for later. By the time I got home, hubby was ready to till the other larger raised bed. Once he finished I got busy getting the rows of lima beans in. 2 rows about 15 ft long. I left enough room on the one side to put in the lettuce. There was just enough room, whew! On the other side, I finished up with 12 more Brussels sprouts, while he tilled the last spot in the garden. That is where I planted the green peppers. The only thing left to plant will be cucumbers...and that spot is ready to go. As we stood there watering everything in....we both had the feeling...something was missing. But how? Both gardens are just about full to the seams! Potato' beans...tomato's...Lima beans...Brussels sprouts...lettuce....peppers....cucumbers. We couldn't figure out just what was missing. THEN.......Hubby said the ONE word that rang through my veins like ice water...... BEETS!! My head snapped around..NO, no no no no no......I must have planted them SOMEWHERE!! I hurriedly looked over the gardens....not a beet to be found. How can that be??? Quickly, I started thinking....where can I plant them! I MUST HAVE BEETS!! I felt the tears starting to well up...This can't be happening. Then..... I found it....I found the spot where I can squeeze in maybe 2 rows, 20 ft long....*sigh* disaster averted!! Now I can sit back and rest....let this old body recharge....tomorrow I will tackle the area I need to clean up for the beets.

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  1. Must have beets ! So glad you found a spot. Happy Mother's Day my friend.