Friday, May 8, 2015

One step forward....Two steps back?

Isn't that the old saying? Here lately I feel like it is more like one step forward, twenty steps back. The weeds are growing faster than I can get to them. Oh boy, if this is how the summer is going to go, I will be a very busy woman! Maybe. I have been saving my cardboard for months. My plan is to get everything planted.....lay cardboard down thick, then top it with the old barn bedding. Hoping to keep the weed growth at a minimum. For now, my biggest worry is getting the garden planted! So it is May 8th, and I have....NOTHING planted. *sigh* Just trying to get the beds ready has been a chore. I WILL get the potato's in the ground way or another. How about you? What have you planted? I had full trays of seedlings....they were growing so well. Tomato's, peppers, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, head Lettuce....all coming up so pretty...then, the cat happened. Apparently he thought I was growing "fresh greens" for him to snack on. Yep, he ate EVERY ONE of them! *sigh* I need a better system for sure. Like a green house! That will be another one of my "great goals" this summer. A large enough green house to not only grow my seedlings, but to have a place for either the rabbits, or bantam chickens to over winter. *sigh* One can hope. For now, it is 8 am...and here I sit. ( maybe that is why I am falling behind?) It is going to be another hot and humid day, so I need to get outside and get it going before the heat starts. I love Spring....the busy days...planting...working so hard you drop into bed at night...then you get a short time of "rest" before the harvesting begins.

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