Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rain....rain...and well, rain.

It rained is raining today.....and it is supposed to rain tomorrow.(Thursday) Friday looks OK but rain over the weekend, both days. I did get a chance to go mushroom hunting yesterday. I walked about 10 miles in 4 different wooded areas...for 3 hours. NOT ONE MUSHROOM! Frustrating!! Maybe after all of the rain...I will get another chance to go again. Work is going to be really busy over the next 3 weeks so I don't know if I will get a chance to go or not. I will be really sad if I don't get any Morels this year. My potato plants are just starting to peek through the mulch covering. YAY! It is such a good feeling to finally see something growing in one of the gardens. The strawberry plants are growing great, blooming like crazy! However, I have been battling a mole over by that garden. I WILL win this battle. Hopefully BEFORE it eats everything I plant. The cats seem to not be interested, or doing their job. So either I am over feeding them and they have become lazy....the rain is keeping them from hunting that area because it holds so much water..or this is one stealthy mole. I have never used Mole traps but this might just have to be the year I do. YUK! This morning I must head out to get the chores finished a bit early because I need to run in to work for a few hours. It is wet and foggy and quite cool out there, in the upper 50's. Time to get this " show on the road"

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