Monday, April 25, 2016

Whew! What a week....lets start THIS week off different!

Last Monday....was a " typical " start out. Hubby got up and went out with a do a few little side jobs....mainly just to get him out of the house. He has been laid off work since December 2015 and has been in a slump trying to find a job. At his age, that is no easy task..he is 56. So, after he left, I set out to work on the little gosling pen. I was out there a few hours when I get a call from our friend. Hubby had a massive heart attack, and they were at the hospital. Luckily they were only 2 blocks away when he had it. The Doctor said if he had been 30 seconds longer, that they would not have been able to bring him back. They had to shock him twice to get a normal rhythm. We almost lost him. He is doing a LOT today after I get the morning chores finished...make sure everyone outside has an ample supply of water, ( since it is going to be 85 degrees today) I am going to go take a LONG walk in the woods...and if I happen to find some Morels...well, that will make my day even BETTER! LOL Now, for the little Gosling pen. My big geese have a decent size yard so I decided to put the gosling pen in the goose yard. This way they can protect them from the " monsters" that want to eat them...and they can get to know each other as the littles grow. I had a volunteer come by and donate her time to help me with this. Peyton has helped me several times out here...she is a great young lady. I started with a small crate that I used to have call ducks in. This crate will need a bit more work, but it is sturdy enough for these babies.
Once my helper got here, we added rabbit fencing to the outside of the yard, covering the original "fence" and I had made the lid for the yard, covered with rabbit fence and added hinges. There is still some work to do to finish this little place...I want to add some metal roofing to the house, then paint the wood around the yard and the little house....I need to add rabbit fence to the little window and a latch to the window cover...and add large rocks around the outside perimeter. Once I am finished, it should be a fairly well protected place for the little goslings.
This morning after chores, I am going to load the lawn tractor up and take it to get work done. I hope this doesn't take too long. I really need to get this mower back soon! Once I get hubby back home and settled in...I am going to take some personal time and take a long walk in the woods....and hopefully find a few Morels. Or a LOT!

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