Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bees and Barn Bedding.

No, this is NOT a cute little twisted tongue teaser. It is for REAL! This morning I decided to start cleaning the barn, while the air is cool. There is one area by a door that we rarely use, I have neglected way too long. ( Most of this summer ) So, I rolled up the sleeves, grabbed my pitch fork, and dug in...right into a bed of BEES!! HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!! HUNDREDS of them! They were NOT happy about me turning up their "home" in the wet bedding. They attacked...and stuck like Velcro. I ran, arms flailing, wiping them from my shirt and pants, jumping and screaming...well, OK, cussing. I escaped, but NOT without battle wounds. No less than a half a dozen of those mean little suckers hit their mark.
These are NOT honey bees....and if they are, I do not want the "honey" since they are living in wet barn bedding. No, they are a bit longer, and aggressive! I doused the "nest" with almost half a bottle of fly spray, sending them out the door. Then, I grabbed my things and headed to the house to dab mud on my stings. *sigh* NOW I have to figure out HOW to get them out of the barn! DARNED BEES! My arms and legs are throbbing....my hands are shaking...and I am going to search on the best, easiest, safest way to get them out. But for now...I am going to sit here and pout a bit, and plot my revenge!!

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