Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A productive day....

Today was fairly productive, and I am feeling it now. After morning chores I had to water in the new strawberry patch. It looks like we lost about half a dozen plants. I have plenty left to fill in, hoping to get that done tomorrow. After watering strawberries, I drug the hose to water the beets and carrots. Then drug the hose again...watered the pigs...drug the hose to the poultry area.. cleaned and filled the 3 pools. Cleaned the kitchen and decided to put a whole chicken in the oven for dinner. Made home made stuffing however I am out of Sage! Who runs out of sage!?? Well, I did. I used garlic and Lemon Thyme to season it. Turned out great too! Chicken with stuffing, mashed taters, gravy and corn. YUMMY! I had a fella come by this afternoon and he bought the 3 extra piglets. I am glad to have them gone. Feeding out 5 pigs was NOT in my plans. I didn't realize until I was in there catching them, just how "healthy" they were. Whew! Heavy little pigs! They weigh between 40 and 50 pounds already. They are only about 12 weeks old too! I am already dreaming of bacon and hams. This will be our first time butchering American Guinea Hogs. I am interested to see how they fatten up and how the meat is. Every where I look and read about them it say's the meat is "gourmet" I will let you know when the time comes. While doing evening chores...I paused to take in the beauty of the sunset and the few early leaves that are changing color already.
While I was taking a picture of this little leaf.... I was robbed! Lulu decided it looked tasty. Just as I was going to take another picture, she nabbed it!
These little "mutt" chicks are old enough to be roosting, but decided they still want to sleep with momma. She is a silkie hen and they are silkie/white Japanese Bantams mix. There are 8 babies in that little 10 inch square box, with momma hen!
Enjoy it while you can little ones... Saturday they are headed out to an adoption event along with the rabbits and a few of the call ducks. Tomorrow I have an early doctors appointment to have my elbow looked at. Seems I have tennis Elbow. UGH! Once I get home I will head out to pick the green peppers and Brussels Sprouts. A little bit more for winter stores! Always makes me happy. The gardening is coming to an end...Beets and carrots are still coming in. They should be the last of it. Then we will cover every bit of the garden area with "stuff" from the barn and put the gardening to bed. It is sad.. but at the same time, I am glad to be finishing it. October will be time to breed the goats...and prepare for the Holidays that are coming way too fast!

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