Monday, September 15, 2014

What are your "winter preps" ?

For us, it is all about the firewood. Our home is a split level, with a finished basement. Well, MOSTLY finished. This is where we have the family room. TV, computers, laundry area and the wood stove. We spend most of our indoor time in this area...during the winter. Keeping the wood stove going is usually one of my duties. Now, the only "issue" with this is.. we haven't even started on firewood yet. The mornings are cool... in the 40's and I can feel a bit of "panic" setting in. The hubs is working 40 hour weeks and weekends we are scrambling to finish the outside things, putting the gardens to rest, moving plants. During the week I am still gathering and canning. Beets are coming in now so I will be canning and pickling those. I am going to have to designate a few hours a day to gathering firewood. Even if I am gathering the smaller stuff, I will feel better knowing we have a start on it. *sigh* Homesteading is never about sitting quietly, listening to the sounds of the woods and animals. There is always a "job" that needs done. And with that said, I need to get outside and get this day going!

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