Monday, September 8, 2014

Cool mornings....

Yes, Fall is just around the corner. Mornings in the low 50's then the temps climbing into the low 80's during the day. my personal opinion is PERFECT weather. Windows open, blankets on... brings a smile to my face. Then reminds me that summer is almost over...and soon winter will have her icy grip upon us once again. A little bit of panic rises in me. We still need to gather firewood. *sigh* Homesteading never lets up. Busy from one season right into the next....just different things to keep one busy. For now, the garden is slowing down. The fall beets and carrots are not ready...the green beans are slowing down as are the tomato's. So, this gives me time to head into the woods and start dragging out the fallen trees. I will drag them out, hubby will take the chain saw to them, then we will both stack it up. Yep, it is firewood "season" Have you started getting yours together?

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