Friday, September 5, 2014

September? Already?

It is hard to believe that September is here already! Before we know it the leaves will be falling and there will be a coolness in the air. However, Summer is not ready to let go of its hot sweaty grip. Another day in the 90's with high humidity in store. They are calling for the "real feel" to be near 100 again today. I am so glad I was able to finally pick up a swimming pool. I think today, after I trim the goats hooves and pull more weeds, and try to get another section of the barn cleaned...I will relax in the pool for a bit. I have had my head buried in the canning books! Tomato seeds flying, corn silk everywhere, wash, sterilize, cook, fill, stack.....I finally realized something was up when I was putting another load of jars into the pantry, and realized I am running out of room! What a great feeling! I was blessed by a good friend giving us " all the sweet corn I could pick" So, I picked up our 14 year old grandson, who towers over me, and we went to pick corn. We filled 5 feed sacks, not stopping to think, THAT is a LOT of corn! 15 DOZEN ears! Oh boy...was I in trouble! It took me 2 days, but I was able to get it all processed. 60 pints,and 11 quarts canned, and 50 + ears in the freezer. As the old man told Babe, "That'l do pig, That'l do."
I do believe the tomato's have "given up the ghost" We didn't get a whole lot, but what I have in the pantry should get us through. Green beans STILL coming on strong. I have 60+ pint canned and I am working on quarts now. I put up quarts of veggies for when we have company over for dinner. I had planted a second crop of beets. They are coming up great! Shouldn't be too long until I will be canning them as well as carrots. I am a little disappointed in the Brussels sprouts this year. Not really getting near what I wanted to get, but there will be a few nights of delicious little green balls of goodness for us. All of these wet, dewey morning have left me with great picture ops. I just love dew covered spider webs.
These little Sweet Pea plants came up voluntary. They smell so sweet...and the color is cheery... I love them.
Now that the gardening is slowing down, it is time to focus on bigger jobs. Fire wood! Oh boy, I really dread cutting, splitting, stacking...firewood. According to the Farmers Almanac, we are in for another epic winter. *sigh* This means we need to get at least 15 ricks of wood put in...and we haven't even started! Once we DO get started there will be saw dust flying everywhere....sweating, and I am sure a little cussing. The mad rush will be to beat the first freeze. During the day while hubby is at work, I will be buttoning up the coops and barn, laying in the compost on the soon to be finished gardens, and dragging the downed trees from the woods with the tractor. On the weekends we will cut, split and stack. Yes, the "lazy days of summer" are coming to an end. Where did THAT phrase come from?? Have you had lazy days this summer?? Must be a "city thing"

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  1. You are such a hard worker. I look forward to reading your posts when we are home sick. Enjoy the pool while you still can!