Monday, September 29, 2014

Sometimes... Homesteading hurts.

Yep, physically and mentally.... you have to be a little tougher than some. A few weeks ago, a little stray dog started hanging out. Me being the softie that I am, I decided to befriend the little runt...and just try to find him a home. Since I already have 4 inside dogs there is no way I can detain this new little guy. He has been running these country roads for a while. He does have a home, about a mile down the way... however they refuse to keep him in a fenced area, or better yet, inside. He is a cutie too, such a shame. Terrier mix, would make someone a great little house companion. However, he is NOT good around a farm. He chases cats, well, the ones that will run from him, then he runs from the big toms, tail tucked, screaming for help! LOL Another thing he chases.... chickens. NOT GOOD. Last week he went after mine. He was able to get my big rooster. Lucky for the dog, and the rooster, he only ripped out the tail feathers. I screamed at the dog, and he ran off... however he still keeps coming back. I know some people say.. " Ye'r gonna have to shoot him" I just can't. So for now, the chickens are in their pen... no free ranging until I find this pup a home. After he chased my rooster off into the woods, I went looking for him. Oh boy... there are a lot of sticker bushes in the woods... and they got me but good!
I have to keep telling myself.... he deserves a good home...he deserves to live... OUCH! Then the Guineas, in a panic, got themselves wedged between 2 pieces of chicken fence. I had to reach in and pull them out. My arm took the worst of that situation.
The pup deserves a good home... he deserves to live. One of the neighbors told my next door neighbor that if he see's this dog on his property again, he will shoot it. Apparently the dog got into his chickens as well. Killed a few of them. UGH! So, now I have to try even harder to get him a home, SOON! Later this morning someone is coming to look at the 2 little dairy goats we have, for sale. Hoping that she falls in love with them, and decides to buy them. This will help ease my load over winter. We do not need 4 dairy goats.... the 2 big ones we have are plenty. I had a talk with the girls this morning, and told them they better be on their BEST behavior! Stand tall, be polite, and just look so adorable that this woman will fall in love with them. Now I need to get out there and give them a good brushing. Hopefully later today we have a gentleman coming to buy the 3 little pigs. Hoping he doesn't back out. I do NOT want to have to butcher 5 pigs! Nor do I want to feed 5 more pigs through fall and into winter. Fall is a busy time of lets get out there, enjoy the cooler temps before the harsh winter sets in.

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