Friday, January 13, 2012

18 degrees, and wet feet!

So, this morning I woke to 18 degrees. BRrrr, Even with the wood stove blazing, the furnace kept kicking in. The winds are about 30 MPH, gusting to 40. I sat here this morning with my coffee, dreading the morning chores....knowing I just HAD to get out there. So, I put on 2 pairs of pants, sweatshirt, thick socks, snow boots, heavy coat, headband, hat and scarf..oh, and gloves....I was ready to face the cold. Stepped outside and whimpered....wanted to go back to my fire so bad! Those darned winds were blowing right at the front of the house. I start across the field to the barn, at least there is no mud......I thought. Im just trudging along, when all of a sudden, crack...uh oh... there was ice under me...where the water was just a few days before. Thankfully it was only about 3 inches deep, because it gave way, and mud splashed up the side of my leg.  I wasn't worried, I have on 2 pair of pants...and thick socks...and good! So, I get everyone in the barn fed, and hayed...and proceeded to get water. Now, I KNOW its freezing cold out there, so why didn't I take the shovel with me to break the ice? *shrugs shoulders* Being lazy, and not wanting to walk the whole 20 feet back to the barn, I decided....I will break the ice with my boot! Yeah, that will, pretty thick. So I say to myself.....self, you will have to really give it your all. So, one last try, and WHOOSH!!!!!! The ice gives way, and my boot sinks through to the bottom of the trough. My boots are MAYBE 12 inches tall....the trough?? At least 2 ft deep. Oh yeah, ICE cold water fills my boot. Now that is a wake up call. I finished filling water buckets...and grab my milk pail, and head to the house. By the time I get to the pants are frozen to my boots....the wash cloth I have draped over the milk frozen solid...and I am in one sour mood. I stood in front of the wood stove for a few seconds, to thaw my pant leg, so I could get that boot off.
This evening, when I went out for evening feedings.....I grabbed the shovel! Didn't really matter.....using the ships were pummeling me in the face...and when I finally broke through the the face. Whoooweeee! I grumbled something about....from here on out you stupid animals can just lick the snow.....but in reality, tomorrow, I will be putting the heater in the trough. :) At least the chicken water's are already I just threw them some scratch, and grabbed the eggs. Done, quick and easy.  I brought all of the cats into the of the wee ones was shivering so hard...they now have a warm fleece blanket, fresh water and food, and a litter least until it warms up a little.

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