Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st, wow

So, today we start a new year....2012. I went out this morning to feed the animals, and the winds almost knocked me off my feet! They are saying 40 mph winds. So, after feeding and milking...I decided to work with Freedom a little. He is not used to being told what to do, with a lead. And, he does not like being told when to walk. He plants those front feet...and does NOT move. Now, he is a mini, and only about 250 pounds..but once he makes up his mind to stop....we stop. I scratch him under the chin..he melts in my hands...then we take a few steps, stop, scratch, and so on. Took me almost 30 minutes to get him to move about 200 ft! I was able to finally get him moved to the other small pasture....and he is now out there enjoying green grass. Whew! I hope I don't have to move him any time soon. So I came in and had the "bright" idea to hang laundry on the line today..its windy, in the 40's, should dry pretty good. I was able to get 2 loads on the line, and then the rain came. Well just fine! A free rinse!  So today is an inside day, mostly...the winds are keeping me inside other than to care for animals. I hope you all have a GREAT New year....lets make it happen!

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