Saturday, January 21, 2012

Slip Sliding away!

This morning there was a nice layer of ice on everything. About 1/4 inch. Just enough to make it treacherous walking to the barn. I hesitated, not really wanting to go out there...however, Freedom was sure to voice HIS opinion. HEE HAW he screams to me, translation....GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE! SO, I walk through the grass, knowing I will not be able to navigate the icy sidewalk. Once to the gate, I have to beat the ice off of the chain holding the gate closed. This little pause in my forward motion further irritated the barn animals. And, they let me know it. Everyone seemed to be very opinionated this morning....and they were fixin to get a bit of my own!  "Hold on" I hollered, as if they can understand me. Finally in the pasture I make my way across to the barn, slipping and sliding the whole way. Finally in the barn, my fingers are burning from the cold...I dish out everyone's feed and hay. Little Suzie had a bit of an attitude, head butting the sheep before getting into the stanchion.....throwing her head at, payback time. After washing her teet's, I grab on with icy fingers. Take THAT! HA! Well, she didn't take to it very well, and she stomped her feet at me, and threw her head into my side.  She settled down, and I was able to finish milking in short order. Everyone settled in for the morning, I head back to the house. I watch the kittens running across the icy sidewalk, and think to myself...." sure footed as a cat" just about that time...down he goes...sliding across the sidewalk! I laughed out loud as he comes to a stop, looking perplexed. I made my way to the porch and stood there looking at the icy covered poultry pens, hoping the fence on the top holds up to the weight of the ice. I watched as one of the ducks navigates the icy yard..and giggled to myself at the way it waddled across the ice....knowing I must have looked just as funny as I walked from the barn. Back inside, milk is put up, and the fire is going. Looks like a good day to do some inside cleaning...organizing...and maybe some baking. After I make some bread, I think I will make some chocolate chip cookies...yup, sounds like a plan.

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  1. Sure footed as a cat, huh? heehee! Poor kitty. We didn't get much ice, but we got our fair share of snow. Boo.