Monday, January 2, 2012


So, this morning I was thinking I would try to romanticize about my morning chores here on the know.... " I step out into the fresh air, as the sun breaks through the trees, marveling at the calm over the farm, as the animals softly call to me while walking towards the barn"...yada yada...well....THAT didn't happen! I woke up grumpy this morning as I pulled myself out of bed, luckily he went back to sleep. :) Went down to the wood stove, still warm, and a hand full of hot coals. Perfect, I was able to get a roaring fire going in no time with just a hand full of kindling.  I glanced over to the outdoor thermometer, Brrrr, 27 degrees, and howling winds. Gusty to 40 mph still!  I shivered, knowing I will have to venture out there in a few, to do the morning chores. I make coffee, and settle in to try to wake up. The winds are howling, reminding me that I will be out there in a little while....freezing. After my coffee, I's time. Grab my milk pail and washing cloth, and prepare to venture out. Grab my muck boots, warm coat, scarf....and I am out the door. I was greeted with a blustery wind...the cold wind that when you take that first breath, it feels like knives going into your lungs, THAT will wake a person right up! I trudge to the barn...Freedom calls to me...sorry pal, no scratches yet, I need to get in out of the wind! Once safe in the barn, I take to the chores....scooping feed, throwing hay...breaking ice on water pails. I grab Suzie, and get to milking her. I tried to warm my hands before milking, but it is so cold....there was no use. I grab a teet, she jumps and throws her head into my side. Sorry little girl....but it has to be done. Once she gets used to my icy hands, I was able to get her milked in no time. The winds were blowing in around the west doors, so I grabbed a few empty feed bags to stuff into the cracks. Snow was starting to fall, and blow in the barn. Once I had all the open cracks stuffed, I could feel the barn get a little warmer. This will have to do. I put Suzie back into her pen, and grab the milk....and head to the house after grabbing the morning paper. I was met by 3 little squirmy kittens, begging for warm milk. I had forgotten to get kitty food, so I obliged them with this mornings milk. I now have a few very happy kittens! I have plenty in the fridge still, so I won't miss one morning's milking. Once inside, I return to the fire, Ahhhhhhhh, nice and warm, throw a few more pieces of wood on, and head to the pantry. This is a good day for stew! Yum! I now have a pot of stew simmering on the stove top, and another cup of coffee...The snow is really trying to come down out there, I am thankful to be inside, warm, and the wonderful smell of stew. I think I will start a loaf of bread, to go with that stew...sounds delish! Hope you all are staying warm today!

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