Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is winter coming...yes, because I am getting 2 new pups!

You know the saying....some hubby's say it.." you can get a pup when Heck freezes over" Well, here comes winter, because I am getting 2 new pups! A local rescue was called to pick up a litter of pups, that were dumped on the road. There were 6 of them. All mutts, Shepherd mix..coon..Aussies..real Heinze 57's. So, the got a hold of me and asked if I would "foster" one or more. I went into town to "look" at them, and let them know I would be interested in only males. Easier to train, and maintain. The rescue will get all shots, and neuters. So, I get there, and they bring out a beautiful Shepherd looking mix, with long floppy ears. He was so sad, and shy. I tried to get him to warm up to me, and he would just turn his head sideways...and watch me. Then they brought out another male...he looks like a red bone coon hound. He too was shy, at first, then I asked you want to come home with me, and live on a farm? He looked me in the eyes, and gave me big puppy kisses! I melted! So, after they get a clean bill of health....I am bringing them BOTH home. :) The red one, I named Gunner....the other one...Magnum. Now, I don't "think" I will be keeping them both...but we will have to see. Every good farm needs a few big dogs....right?? This picture is Gunner. He is more red than the picture soon as I get them home, I will get better pictures.

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