Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Freezing temps and Sunsets.

I have to say, this cold is really getting to me. I have been outside 3 times today to break ice in the troughs. Even the water buckets in the barn froze....this rarely happens. UGH, my hands feel like they are burning now.Even Freedom didn't want to come out of his little shelter today,

But, on the bright side....winter does bring some beautiful sunsets. I snapped this one the other day while I was in town...

Too bad all the telephone poles were in the shot. But the pinks are just so pretty! 
The temps are steadily dropping outside. It is 21 degrees, and getting colder. Brrrrrrr. Tomorrow morning will be more ice breaking...I have GOT to get those heaters put in..this is getting old already!

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