Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet our newest resident...... FREEDOM

This has already been put to work pulling trees from the woods, a hay ride for our Fall Festival, and moving an electric pole that was given to us from the power company.
We were also given a little trailer. We have to get the title, and tag it, but it was free, and it is very sturdy!
Sure, it needs a little work, but, free is free! The frame, and tires are in great shape.
All of our animals were productive, plenty eggs, milk and meat for us for the winter. The Garden was not overly productive, but we were able to get enough to mostly get us through.
We were also blessed with the newest little member of our farm.... Meet   FREEDOM!
He is a miniature, stands about 36 inches at the shoulder. He was brought here today, from the rescue. He was found roaming in a park, in a large city. No one claimed him, so now he is here...and altho he is a little timid, he is sweet. I was able to get a brush to him today, and as I was brushing him he leaned into me. Yup, I am already in love with this little guy.  He has a case of the tomorrow I will be offering him some pumpkin to try to firm up his stools. I am hoping it is just from the stress of being in IACC and being moved here. It was a long ride for him, 1 1/2 hrs.
So, Freedom is home..and depending on his health over the winter, I will be working with him to pull a cart next spring.
Bring on the new year...I am looking forward already to getting into the gardens, planting fruit trees, and of course, our breeding pigs come spring!

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