Friday, December 2, 2011

Pigs and water heaters.

So, tomorrow is the big day for the pot belly pigs. They will be moving on to their new home. I have mixed feelings...oh, not because where they are going. I know they are going to a wonderful home. But they have been here for several months, heck, I saw the 4 little ones born...right here. Juliette ( the momma pig) is so sweet, and will follow me like a pup. However, they ARE rescues, and need to go to forever homes, so we can make room to help another that might come along.
So as I went out to feed, and move the crates in the pens...I scratched them and rubbed their ears...and fed them a few extra pumpkins. I explained how tomorrow might be scary, but that they are going to a great new home! Tomorrow morning we will load the 2 carries full of pigs, and a BUNCH of the pumpkins and gourds, and 2 little Bantam roosters, and hopefully head out by 9 am. It is a 5 1/2 hr drive, one way, so tomorrow will be a long day. The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow,  in the low 50's. Perfect weather for a drive.
 So after getting everyone in the barn settled..I went to close the coops. One of the 2 roosters I had in a pen together had somehow gotten over with the pen of white leghorns. Seriously, I have no idea how that happened. So, I went ahead and put the other rooster with them all, and I am now down to 2 pens of chickens. This makes my job a little easier. I grabbed up the 3 water dish warmers, and headed to the house. The last few morning I have had to break ice, and I detest breaking ice! Time to get the heaters up and ready. These little heaters are so easy to make, and work great! They are made from a cookie know, the ones you get at the Good Will store for like 50 cents. While you are there, pick up a few of those electric candle sticks, that goes on the window sill.  Make a hole, insert candle, wrap the hole with electrical tape, and pop the lid back on. I set the warmer on a cinder block, then set the metal chicken waterers on top of the warmer. The 3 will be plugged into one extension I can just plug in one every evening, and unplug them in the morning once it starts warming up. I have used these for a few years now, and even when the temps are below zero for a few chickens have fresh water.
I need to make a few more for the turkeys water dishes....the pigeons will get a heat lamp over their dish as will the ducks. Now all I will need to do to be ready is get the trough heaters in place...and put plastic over the windows. THEN I will be ready...physically...not mentally.

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