Saturday, December 3, 2011

Long day, met some great new friends.

So, today was a long day. Up at 06:30 out the door by 07:30 to do animal chores and quick! Today was the day to take the 5 pot belly pigs to their new home. After milking and feeding, and opening coops, I came inside to get my shower while Hubby was waking up. 08:45, we head out the door to load up the pigs. Juliette and the 2 little girls would ride together in one large crate. I was surprised how easily they went in. Then to get the boys in their crate....this of course didn't go as easily. Those 2 boys screamed like we were skinning them alive! The sheep ran from the barn fearing they were next. Silly sheeples. ( sheep people, they have great personalities) Finally get the 2 boys loaded, and in the truck, load up a few boxes of gourds and a feed sack of pumpkins. We're off and running, 09:10 am. On the road to Ohio. This was going to be a long day, 5 1/2 hrs one way. We took the piggies to a dear friend, Alycia, and her family. This was our first time meeting in person. What a lovely family she has! 6 kids!! Beautiful, sweet, well mannered children. Also was able to meet with another online friend for the first time. Everyone welcomed us was great!!  We had a good day...well....until we unloaded the piggies, and one of the little males escaped. Off he went into the wilderness....I am hoping he will go back once he realizes the others are still there. I wish we would have been able to stay and visit more, but we had a long drive home. Leaving Juliette there was the hardest, I had gotten pretty attached to her. I know she is in a great new home, but I still cried once we left.  Alycia made some apple pie cookies...Ohhhh, drool, yummy! I will definitely make some and post the recipe here later.
So, we are now home....trying to relax and shake off that long drive. Tomorrow is supposed to I will work in the barn cleaning up after the pigs, and getting the stalls freshened up. ( If you CAN freshen up after a pig) 

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