Sunday, December 11, 2011

In a flurry of Ribbons and bows.

So, the last few days we have been in cleaning/decorating mode here. Today is the day all of my siblings will gather here in my home, with their children, grand children spouses...oh my! We have had about 4 days to get this finished. Yesterday I started on the baking, and hubby and I wrapped presents. This is the little tree we have in the family room. I decorate it in Themes...this year, blue,silver and white.
This next tree is in the Living room, where we all gather. This one has all of the ornaments that my children made over the years. They are of course all grown now.

Our Dining room hutch....ready for the Holidays.

The banana bread is finished, as are the apple pie I will make the chocolate chip cookies, get the veggie tray put together, and the fruit bowl. Run the sweeper, clean the kitchen after baking, and sweep and mop the kitchen..guests will be arriving around noon! It is almost 8 am, and I need to feed the animals...and it is only 16 degrees!! Brrr. I better get myself in gear..a fun filled busy day ahead!

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  1. OMG, you have the same paneling that we have! LOL Have a fun day, you decorations look fantastic. Wish I had ours done, but I just started.