Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter is coming....almost ready!

So, yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. I had it all planned out. Yeah, we know how THAT goes. The "plan" Finish winterizing the coops, clean pine shavings, clean the barn in the morning, fix dinner, get hubby off to to work by 3. Go to town and pick up baking supplies...bake, then clean the kitchen, sweep and mop, shower and bed. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, THAT didn't happen. Went to the barn, fed and watered animals....came back to put up the milk. Got it in the jar, labeled and picked it up to put it in the fridge...and the bottom fell out of the jar! Milk everywhere! On the counter, down the cabinet doors, IN the cabinets, covered the floor, stove, fridge, me... UGH! Took me almost an hour to get it all cleaned mopped, and disinfected. Sure don't want that smell of rotten milk in the kitchen. So, changed clothes, and decided to check mail...when the neighbors mom called. She needed a town to ride, soon! OK, so I will just go to town way earlier than planned. Got ready and went and picked her up, we ran to town. I was able to get her running done, and mine, and home by about noon, time to get dinner started. Hubby was up, and while I cooked dinner, he informed me he had gotten up early so we could get the Christmas deco down from the barn, but, because I was not home, it was NOW too late. DANG! Finished dinner, packed him up and got him off to work. By this time, I had to do laundry, milky towels and clothes....and I had just lost my momentum. Evening chores, everyone fed and the water heaters are installed in the coops. It was pretty cold last night, low 30's. SO I lost my momentum, didn't get baking done....but was able to get the pine boughs made for the front porch. I will finish them off with red bow's tonight. Today...we WILL get the Christmas out of the barn, and tonight I will get the tree up, and hopefully get this house decorated. Sunday, we are having our family Christmas get together here, and I have to get this place all festive, and baking done. Wish em luck! I have 4 days to get it all finished. Going to be a long few days....but I am excited. I LOVE decorating, and baking for the holidays. 

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