Friday, December 2, 2011

Busy day planned.

So, its cold...I mean...booger freezing COLD! I didn't want to go out to do chores this morning....Too early in the season to feel this way. We have a long winter ahead. I headed out, and was  taken aback by the beautiful sunrise. The sky glowed purple....everything was laced in frost. I didn't get pictures this morning, I was just too cold! LOL
Breaking the ice on the troughs was rough. That ice was a half inch thick....time to get the trough heaters out. I detest breaking ice! Broke a few pumpkins for the animals...and headed back inside to the warmth of a fire. After my coffee...I am headed back out to get all of the chickens water warmers....bring them INSIDE, and get them cleaned up and ready. I will get a few I go, I made these heaters with cookie tins, and candlestick lights. They really work well...keeping the big 2 gallon chicken waterers from freezing. I need to get more pine shavings for those messy ducks as well....someone please tell me...WHY did I want ducks!?? STINKY!

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