Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The monster is GONE!

So, today started out as any other day...sorta...well, not really. I knew when I got up, this was going to be one of "those" days. I didn't get up until 07:30! Who sleeps that late!?? Surely not me! I guess the Holiday rush and bustle finally caught up with me. We spent most of yesterday in Ohio with my in-laws for a post Christmas dinner.There were 20 or so of us there, and we had a grand time....but, didn't get home until after 9pm. This meant late chores, late cleaning up, and late to bed. So, back to today....I was up at 07:30, and already behind on my day. Out the door at 8 am to feed animals. It had been raining all morning, and in the mid to upper 30's and was just cold! As I walked to the barn i had decided to pull a few handfuls of grass for Swanzilla. Well, as I started to walk through the edge of the garden, my foot sank deep into the mud, causing me to lose my balance, the the other boot went deep in the mud and as I stumbled trying to not fall, my boots both came off, and left me standing bare foot, yup, the socks stayed in the boots, in the mud and water. Just great, NOW I am fully awake...and cussing that swan. After all he is the reason I was in that predicament. So I stumbled around, trying to dry my feet on the little patched of dry pants I have, and get my socks and boots back on...and then head to the barn...the whole wile the sheep are standing in the rain, bawling at me to "hurry"  See, since the swan has been in the barn, the sheep won't go in for fear of the "monster hissing at them in the stall" Once in the barn, I gather my senses and get to the chores. Feed the buck and pig.....throw hay to them,,,feed the sheep, and throw hay to them...threw the grass and some grains to the swan..then grab Suzie and beg her to just get in the stanchion so I can get this over with. Milking done, and I head to the coops..feed and water them...and back to the house. Oh, and I didn't have to worry about putting up the milk, Suzie decided to step in the bucket, so, the milk went to the cats! UGH! Drink another cup of coffee, and head to town for feed. With the rain, I can only get 3 of the 9 bags I need, as they have to go in the front seat of my truck because of the rain. *sigh* As I am pulling in the drive, I get a call from the rescue. She has a name of a woman that rehabs water fowl. GREAT! So I get most of the feed put up, and come inside to call this woman. She told me if I can get the swan in the crate "soon" she will meet with me today, and take it. AGAIN, SWEET!  I head to the barn, to put up the last bag of feed, and to try to get Swanzilla in a crate. Luckily my neighbors son was outside, so I called to him for help. Ace is a funny kid, all of 16, going on 30. He is fearless, strong, and wise...just ask him! So he grabs the feed from my truck and we head into the barn, and I am explaining I have one more "job" for him, just about that time, swanzilla stands up, stretched out its massive wings, and hisses at us. Ace jumps and says, WHAT IS THAT!????? I said, THAT is your next job! HAha! I explain we need to get the blanket over the swans head, it will lay down, and we slide it into the crate. All the while, Ace is looking at me like I have lost my mind. He exclaims..." YOU want ME to get in there with THAT?" I giggled and assured him, he would be ok...if he moved swiftly...and explained to him, " I would, but you are more limber than I am, and faster, and stronger" ( haha) After a few minutes of him trying to get his nerve up, he says..." ok Swan, I am coming in, lets make this easy" He rushes in, throws the blanket AT the swan, and runs out. The Swan jumps, and stands on the blanket...daring us to come get it . So I had Ace the rake, he gets the blanket, and makes a second attempt. This time the blanket lands on the Swans head, and it lays down. I rushed in, holding the swans wings, and slide it into the crate. Woohoo! We did it and no one lost an eye! So, back on the road, its snowing, cold, I am wet...and the swan is on his/her way to a new home. I drove 40 minutes..but it was WAY worth it. Oh, and Friday, I will be getting a mini donkey. So excited! I just hope it will be easy to handle...and train to pull a cart...one day.

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