Monday, December 12, 2011

One party down, 2 to go!

So last night we had our family Christmas party, with my family. Unfortunately my son and his wife and kids didn't make it. We sure missed them here. Had a good time tho with my sisters and their kids, and grand kids! Good food, good fun, and great memories. This morning the house is a wreck, so I will be cleaning later. My daughter stayed the night with her Husband, and will be leaving later today to go back home. So I will save the cleaning until they leave.
The men stayed in the family room for most of the afternoon watching the football game, unfortunately their team lost in the last 2 minutes. Booo hiss...LOTS of screaming coming from the family room. Us women and children sat up here laughing at the guys.
The mini Apple pies were a great hit! Only 3 left from the 15 I made.
Time to get to the kitchen...every one will be getting up soon, and hungry I am sure.

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