Sunday, May 18, 2014

A little here, a little there means a whole lot got done.

Ever have one of those days.... where you pitter around seemingly mindless only to realize WOW, you actually got quite a bit done today. ? That was me today. Started with cleaning the wood stove and getting a fire going with coffee in hand. It was 36 degrees this morning. I wanted to go out and check on the gardens...but then again, I didn't want to see the possible destruction. So, I sat down with my coffee for a bit. After 2 cups of good coffee I just had to get outside and feed the critters. Walking to the barn, I saw that Mini decided to stick her head through the fence, you know.. * the grass is always greener* Well, she was not dehorned and getting her head back out is quite the challenge. So, she was standing there, bawling to me to save her. Funny thing about goats being stuck in a fence, OK, not really funny...but to get them out, you have to PUSH their heads back through. Ever push on a goats head?? They push back! So, I am struggling to push her free from the fence, and she is pushing back against me. *sigh* Took a few minutes...but I finally got her free. On the way back from the barn, I stopped at the big garden....everything looked good. No frost damage. YAY! Spent a little time in there pulling weeds...all better now. After chores I decided to make us a "late breakfast" Fuel for the day. Bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy was on the menu. opened a jar of our blackberry jelly to top off the warm biscuits. Cleaned the kitchen and with a full tummy settled in with another cup of coffee. :) Wasn't long before I decided to head out. Hubby headed to the back yard where the grass was almost a foot tall. The push mower decided to quit on us, so hubby used the weed eater on it. Luckily it is not a BIG yard. Once he finished, I raked it up and shared it between the pigs and the goats. They sure did appreciate it. Then I moved into Elvis's yard, where these weeds had tried to take over. He had a skinny little path in there from the front to the back. Only took me about 30 minutes, but I pulled them all out, and shared them between the geese and the pigs. Next, moved to the front porch where I have these little wooden barrels on each side of the front door. I put plastic flower pots in them, put Styrofoam in the bottom of the pots then filled with dirt, topped off with potting soil and planted a few yellow Merigolds in them. I also put in some Zinnia seed. Should be pretty once they get growing and filling in.
Decided to come inside for a bit of a "rest" HA! Yeah, not so much resting going on. Cleaned out Nikki's cage and vacuumed the family room and office area. I had 3 little ducks inside, time for them to head out into the brooder. Got them all settled in and oh boy, am I glad! I did take a bit of a break and drank some tea. Then headed back out to start mowing. I was just about half way through when the darned belt broke. Well poop!! Hubby was mowing, so I let him finish. Headed back out to do the evening chores and close coops and barns. The neighbor told me he heard a "pack" of coyotes across the road last night. Gonna have to keep everyone on lockdown for a while. Threw a pizza in the oven, made coffee and now... color me DONE!

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