Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Horney goats.... not what you think,

So, last night at 10:30 I had that feeling, better check on the goats. Ever get that feeling?? You KNOW you just HAVE to go do it. Good thing I did as Mini had her head stuck in the fence, but good! She poked it through, THEN, poked it back through the other way in a different hole! She was looking like a goaty pretzel. *sigh* So, I was just fed up with pulling her out of the fence all day yesterday, and really scared she would break her silly neck. So... I grabbed a piece of 1X1 and some wire, and took care of THAT problem. When I went out this morning I wasn't sure what I would find. At first, she didn't greet me at the fence, bawling like usual. My first thought... NOW WHAT!??? By the time I got into the barn, she had run out, but peeked around the door at me.
She was NOT happy with me. Well, I am a LOT happier now that she can't get her silly head through the fence. She wouldn't come near me so I could check to make sure it wasn't coming loose...but from what I can is on there pretty tight. Maybe THIS will teach her a lesson? I doubt it. Silly goat!!

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