Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Horned goats and fencelines...Oh boy!

Today was a busy day...well. sorta. I spent a LOT of the day freeing one of the goats from the fence line, 8 times! Can we say.....persistent little booger!?? Mini is the shy one...but today her and I had a lot of "us time" When I went out to do evening chores...I freed her from the fence. The time it took me to walk to the gate, and get on the outside, she was stuck again! I get her out of the fence....talked to her about our "situation" and when I turned to walk away, she stuck her head in the fence AGAIN! Grrrrr, G O A T S !!!!! After dark, I figured.... they will settle down and sleep....she should be OK for the night. About 10:30 pm, I had this feeling....better go check the goats...and yep.... stuck again!! Except this time she REALLY did it. She put her head through, then somehow, brought it back through a different hole. Double stuck! THATS IT! After I got her out, I went and picked out a 12 inch long piece of 1 x 1 and got some thin wire and fixed her up good! Oh, she looks goofy, but I don't think she will be able to get her silly head through the fence. I didn't get pictures, too dark. I will get pics in the morning. I could hear the other goats laughing at her as I walked away. Serves her right!

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