Friday, May 16, 2014

One last fire in the wood stove..... I hope!

So, after the few days of heat and humidity.... Mother Nature gave us a "cool down" Tonight is supposed to be in the upper 30's! I really am hoping this is the last of the cooler temps. We have so much on our plate this summer, I need to get started soon! I tried working on the goats cabin the other day. The girls had torn down the inside panels and I had to nail them back up, just a temporary fix. I plan to tear it all out this summer and do it all over. So, while I was trying to get it done, Lulu one of the little doe's decided she needed to "help". She quickly grabbed the hammer, and took off like a shot. Oh boy, she really keeps me on my toes! She is one of those , in your face and space goats. So nosey. So, I took off after her to retrieve my hammer. This turned into a "keep away from mom" game. After I got my hammer back, I finished the cabin repair....not as quickly as I wanted to. Lulu was in my face, tugging on my jacket... putting her silly little nose where I was trying to hammer. I tried to keep her busy with a flake of hay but she lost interest quickly. Today when I went out to do evening chores I noticed Lulu was limping on her front left. So, I clipped on the short leash and proceeded to lead her to the barn. You would have thought I was leading her to slaughter! Oh boy, she protested the whole way. A hand full of grains and we were on the way. The best way to a goats heart IS the tummy. I put her on the stanchion and started inspecting her leg and foot. Nothing seemed out of order however I decided that since I had her there, now would be a good time to trim her hooves. SHE on the other hand did not agree. After a bit of fussing and playing tug of war, I was able to get her trimmed. They were not bad, not bad enough to make her limp, so I will have to watch her over the next few days and see how she is doing. Once the weather decided it really IS time to warm up, I am sure we will jump right into the near triple digits. This is why I am trying to get all of the garden mulched over well.. to keep it from drying out and to minimize my work of needing to water or pull weeds. The strawberry plants are loaded this year. I can't wait to have that first few farm raised strawberries. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Lazing in the hammock with a big bowl of fresh strawberries and a ice cold glass of tea...HA! Who am I trying to kid? Most likely that first strawberry will be eaten on my way to get started on another project. Once we get through this cool night, we should be in the clear. I am ready to get this summer started... are you!?

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