Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring has sprung...grass has grown...

So, how are things going in your neck of the woods? Here on this little farm, there has been a planting frenzy going on. Yes....maybe we are a little early on some things, however, I just NEEDED to get in the dirt. Last weekend the hubs fired up the lawn tractors and I fired up my green thumb. And directly jammed a piece of last years corn stalk into it. As we were clearing out the old stalks, a piece broke off into my thumb. The importance of wearing gloves.... don't try to be tough...just wear them!
I am here to tell you kiddo's.....THAT HURT! You really don't realize just how often you use the pad of your thumb, until you get a splinter in it. Wow...NOW I know where "sticks out like a sore thumb" comes from. Took a few days to get it out too. So any ways...back to planting...I felt like I was planting all of the winter blues under that compost. Worked for 5 hours in the garden and was able to get about 90% done. 4 rows ( 15 FT long) of potato's , a dozen tomato plants, 4 green peppers, 4 Brussels Sprouts, 50 onion sets and 2 rows ( about 25 FT long each ) of green beans. I believe this year we will be "potato poor" as they say. See, a few weeks ago I planted 3 rows of potato's in the small garden. UNFORTUNATELY I left the gate open and the chickens went in there and scratched up every row. I was frustrated so decided to replant...before I really checked on the small garden. Well, a few days after planting all of those new taters....I checked the first plantings....and there are 2 rows in there that seem to have been untouched! So, this means there are another 2 rows, about 15 FT each, of potato's. Yes, if all grows well, we will be "potato poor"
May not look like much right now...but soon we will be eating fresh again! YAY for growing season!! I still have a long list of things I need to plant... beets...those little red round globes of perfection..yes, we love beets..pickled! Then the corn...radishes, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, and maybe this year, watermelon. The strawberry bed took off this year like crazy! Looks like I will have to increase the growing area here..
My mouth waters just thinking of a bowl full of these babies! In a few weeks I will build up an herb garden as well. Cooking with fresh herbs from the THAT'S good eating! Soon the hammock will be put up and the warm sunny days will find me laying in the hammock, watching the garden grow...sounds "romantic" doesn't it? Well, I WILL get the hammock up...and I HOPE to find time to actually lay in it at least once! So, now that the weather is warming up....get out there....clear those cob webs of winter...and get your planting started. It really makes a difference in MY about you?

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