Sunday, May 18, 2014

It IS the middle of MAY....right!???

Holy frozen gardens batman!! Woke this morning to 36 degrees!!! Yes, we are in the middle of May...or...did I sleep a looooooong time and it is fall already?? *checks pantry* Nope, still not full, so it IS the middle of May. Had to put a fire in the wood stove...the furnace is OFF for the year....and I really do not care what temp Mother Nature throws at us. I REFUSE to turn the furnace back on! And people think I am *crazy. Mother Nature...come on already!!! One of my momma ducks outside has babies....3 more setting nests. I hope this cold snap didn't mess those up! I will sit here with my coffee....watching the fire....keeping it going...waiting on the temps to warm up a bit before I go out to assess the damages. Can you believe in 3 days, we are supposed to be close to 90?? THREE DAYS!! No wonder people are getting sick. *Grabs blanket and coffee, grumbles*

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