Monday, May 5, 2014

No rest for the .... matter how big or small.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...and while I DO try to rest...there is always "something" to get me up and going. Yesterday was another planting day. Hubby and I got outside after I finished morning chores....and started in the small garden. You might remember, I planted 3 rows of potato's in there a few weeks ago?? Then I left the gate open and the chickens said " thank you for the new dusting area, and all of the compost to scratch in" *sigh* So last week I replanted potato' the BIG garden. Well....yesterday's plan was to get the small garden cleaned up again, to plant beets. I started pulling the clover that was trying to take over...and throwing it to the pigs. Oh boy were they happy! Once I finished pulling the clover...I realized that there are 2 rows of potato's for the most part untouched by those pesky chickens. Ooops! Looks like we will have PLENTY potato's....if all goes well. So, the hubby got out the tiller, and tilled the rest of the small garden...and I planted beets. 3 rows of red beauties! Then I replanted the "bare spots" in the potato rows... and CLOSED THE GATE! LOL After we cleaned up from that...we finally put up the hammock. Oh yeah....a place to relax....when there is time. Of course we just HAD to test it out.
I almost fell we climbed out and got back to work. Planted the cucumbers...pumpkins...and cantaloupe. Almost finished with all of the planting. Now we wait...and wait...and mulch... and weed.. and wait. This morning is busy with Dr. appointments.....then if the rain holds off....I will be moving load after load of the big garden. Hoping I have the time to make the strawberry bed bigger....I will most likely pot up a few dozen strawberry plants for sale. Oh, and we have a mystery.... Saturday as I did the evening chores in the barn...I counted the kittens... 9 of them, all accounted for and fed. Sunday morning.... NO KITTENS! They are about 5 weeks old....and just gone!! I looked everywhere...just gone! :( By evening chores....there was one little kitten back in the barn. Headed out in a few to see of there are any more. I have no idea where they went...hoping they come back so I can find them safe homes.


  1. You guys have been busy! You should take some "as they grow" pics so those of us black thumb peoples can be envious of your incoming crops of goodness.

    1. Amy, I soon as everything gets going...and again for harvest. :)