Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby its COLD outside!

As I wake up this morning, I remember...yesterday we had snow. Now, this was just a "warning snow" from Mother Nature. My son had told me that several of the "old timers" that come into his work, said... " whatever date we get the first snow on, we will have as many snowfalls this year" OK, so, it snowed on the 29TH! One woman had told my son, she has been following up with this theory for several years now, and has only missed twice by ONE day. So, between 28 and 30 days of snow!??? Oh, I do not like this at all! However, the first snow, was beautiful.
This was my view from the front porch. It was snowing pretty hard, so with my boots, hat, scarf, and head down, I headed to the barn for evening chores. All was quiet...peace had fallen with the snow, on the farm. Once I get to the barn, I look back towards the house...just beautiful!
It didn't amount to much, maybe an inch, but it makes everything so peaceful. I rushed through my chores, fingers frozen from dipping water for the inside buckets. Poor Suzie sure doesn't like the snow, not one bit! She bawled and complained the whole way to her stall. Once inside, with fresh straw, and a bowl of grains...she settled in for the night. Back to the house, the dogs were wanting to get out to see the snow as well. My little Muncher, LOVES SNOW!!! Here he is trying to bury his face in the dusting of snow. He is so funny to watch, he will put his nose to the ground, and make like a snow plow, running along piling snow on his nose, then jump up and flip it in the air and try to catch it. What a silly little dog.
Everyone settled in for the evening...I get the fire going, and settled in to get some spinning caught up on. I have 5 or 6 big bags of raw wool I need to get spun, and winter time is the best time to do it, by the fire.
This morning....the snow is melting...and the mud is resurfacing. YUK

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