Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after

So, as I hear my alarm clock ringing...I realize my snuggle time with my blanket is over. THIS makes me sad. I sit up and stretch away the sleepiness....then head to the coffee pot. Oh yes, First things, dogs, then me. While taking the dogs out I get the wood stove going again...there are still hot embers in there from last night, and it is still 72 degrees in the house. Nice. Toss in a handful of kindling and WHOOSH! It takes off. Just added a few smaller pieces, then a nice log...that will keep it going for a while. I settle in with my coffee, and E Mail....still wiping the sleep from my eyes. Before I know it, my coffee is gone. Dang, must be time to head out.  I gaze at the thermometer, 32 degrees...brrrr.  I grab my milk bucket, and a scoop of kitty food and head out the door. I am greeted with meow's and purrs. My steps are quick in the morning crispness...then I stop, and take in a deep breath. Nice...the sun is coming up, the air is crisp...and I am feeling great! So, I take my time getting to the barn, and enjoy the walk this morning. Of course I can almost read the sheep's minds...."why is she walking so slow?? Doesn't she know we are hungry?? " As they stare at me from the gate. Once in the barn, I am greeted by the warm smells of the animals, and little grunts and baah's. A smile crosses my face....I am truly blessed. Bowls are filled, buckets are filled, hay is thrown, and Suzie is milked and let out to the pasture. She too likes the crispness of the morning air and shows it with a hop and a skip in her step, kicking up her heels. She always makes me giggle when she carry's on like that.
Back inside, poke the fire a bit, and grab my second cup of coffee....listening to the ducks and chickens telling each other their morning plans. The house is quiet...and warm...and I have to say...yes, I am blessed!!

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  1. You make cold mornings sound almost enjoyable. Brrrr!