Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting this day going.

So today will be a busy day of course. All of the water troughs will need to be scrubbed out and filled. YUK, NOT my favorite thing to do. See,I do not have water to the barn and the barn is well over 300 ft from the house. This means dragging water hoses...5 of them. I have 3 troughs to fill at the barn, then, drag 3 of those hoses back to the other side of the property, and clean and fill 4 pools for the ducks.
I am supposed to have a woman come out today and buy my Silky Chickens. 5 blue/blacks. They are pretty, but I can't wait until I have another open pen.  This will be the pen I use for spring chicks. It will be nice to see an empty pen around here for a change. :)
Guess I better get it is already daylight and the animals are up and screaming to me already!

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