Monday, November 21, 2011 Fred..

So I get to the barn this morning...and get the pigs and sheep all fed, then move my sites to Suzie, who is patiently waiting her turn, food and to be milked. She normally jumps right into the stanchion and starts munching her breakfast. This morning, she jumps in....then out....then back in, smells her food, then tries to get out before I secure her. Once secured, she settled in for milking. She is antsy, tail wagging, whimpering. Oh, I know what this means...Suzie wants a date! After I finish milking, and get her brushed down...I decided it is time for their date.
Suzie, meet Fred.
Suzie is an Alpine. Sweet little Suzie, clean, fresh smelling like clean straw....until now. Fred, well, he is a little Pygmy...and he is NOT so fresh smelling. Oh, I love my little Fred....I just don't like to be too close to him! So, once in the yard together, Fred is of course, happy. Suzie? Well...she is "OK" with him. She won't stand completely still, she is a tease. They will have a 30 day date. I hope little Fred can do his "job" with his long legged girlfriend. He sure doesn't lack in trying, poor guy. So, if all goes well....the end of April we will have little Fred or Suzie's...hoping for Suzie's. :)

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