Monday, November 21, 2011

Trying out new recipes.

Today I am trying out a new recipe, for sugar free Banana bread. This recipe is perfect for diabetics, as it uses wheat flour! I have it sitting on a wire rack now, cooling. Looks good. I wont get to the sugar free pumpkin pie tonight...will have to get to that tomorrow. Let me tell you why........
When I went out to do the evening feedings...of course it was raining. Now, little Fred and Suzie have been together all day, chasing each other, running through mud, head butting...just having a grand time. So, I want to put Suzie in the barn at night...She didn't want to leave Fred's side. She would take a few steps towards me, then Fred would call her and she would stop, and look back at him. Poor Suzie, torn between what to do. I was finally able to lure her through the gate....she decided she would thank me by rubbing all along my back side and legs. YUK!! Stinky wet buck smell. Get everyone fed and bedded down for the night in the barn so I headed to the poultry. Oh the SMELL!!!! Wet warm chickens.....ugh! I am definitely going to have to go buy more pine shavings..another day. So, I gather the eggs, check feeders, get them all bedded in and head for the ducks. When it rains, I really...really don't like going in there. Even in mud boots, its...well.....poop soup and it is DEEP! As I get to the yards, I realized 2 of my Turkeys are in the duck pen. Just great! I go in, trying to stay on my feet in the slop..and start waving my arms slowly to herd the turkey's back into the coop,, and into their pen. Not even thinking...I have on a black sweatshirt...I must have looked like a big scary monster to them. This sent them into a flurry. Ducks screaming and running, turkeys flapping their wings and running....poop soup....flying everywhere! In my hair...on my face...Ohhh, I detest rain!!!! Finally get everyone where they belong, and locked in. Grab up the duck eggs, and head to the house, tripping over 5 kittens wanting the eggs. Of course, they knew exactly what they were doing...plop goes one duck egg on the ground. I stop and watch as they are lapping it up and asked if they were happy now and again head towards the house, only to be met by 3 of the larger cats..I think with the same plan...I am one step ahead of them..I took the dirtiest egg, and threw it on the ground for them. Now I have a clear path to the house. No need to hurry, even tho it is raining, I am already nicely coated in buck perfume with a splash of duck poo,just lovely! Inside I get the eggs put away and head straight to the shower..must remove the smell!!!
Nice and clean...warm...I get a small fire going in the wood stove and head to the kitchen to try one of the recipes for sugar free banana bread. This recipe uses wheat flour, so I get out the wheat berries and get to grinding. My banana bread is now cooling on a wire rack...looks and smells great! Tomorrow I will try the sugar free pumpkin pie. These recipes are for my Father In-Law for Thanksgiving. relaxing with a cup of coffee and ready to call it a night after I finish cleaning the kitchen, and wrap the bread once it cools and of course after I take a sample.  I will report back in the morning on my results.. :)

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