Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cold fingers and wet feet!

When I woke this morning, I could hear the rain...still. With a stretch and a yawn, I climb out of bed and make my way tot he kitchen. Coffee...MUST have coffee! After getting the dogs and fire taken care of...and downing my first cup of coffee...it is time. You know, THE time...to head out in the cold rain and take care of the outside animals. So, I put on my trusty boots. The big black rubber boots, the ones who will lead you with reckless abandon into deep puddles of water and...well, whatever else lays ahead. I grab my hoodie and milk pail, and off I go into the cold wet morning. I am not afraid...I will be warm and "dry" First stop, feed the barn kitties. I'm not sure why we call them barn cats, when every time I look out, there they are, on the front porch, in the rocking chair, on the swing...barn cats, MY FOOT!
Cats fed and petted...off the porch I go, headed to the barn. Now we have had so much rain here lately, I think Noah would be scared! Thinking I might should build that big boat I have thought about. Splashing through the puddles in the driveway...small puddles...maybe an inch high, I am thankful for my "trusty" boots. As I head across the small field to the barn, the water is deeper. That's OK, my boots are mid calf boots..and the water isn't that deep. Splashing through, I realize, my feet are getting cold. That water must be near freezing.  I tread on...nearing the gate...I can not get over how cold my feet are...then I realize...my boots MUST have a leak! I have sprung a leak, the water is coming in!!! The socks are going down. Poor socks, they were fairly new, and have been good socks....now, they lay in a wet crumpled mess around my wet cold feet. Good grief! I rush through the morning chores in the barn, crack a few pumpkins for everyone...and stuff a few of the smaller ones in my pockets for the chickens. Back through the pasture with a now milk laden pail....pockets full of pumpkins...and wet feet. The rain is picking up, so my coat is soaking through. The winds picked up and blew my hat off, and I now have wet hair...cold, wet hair! My pace quickens as I head to the coops. Once inside the coop I stop and rest a minute, huffing and puffing from the cold air, and practically at a jog to get in out of the wind and rain. The ducks are standing there looking at me like I am some sort of monster. The goose gives the warning call..and everyone runs outside. I guess I was a sight to see....wet and huffing and puffing. Fill the feeders....and head to the chicken coop. There I am greeted with a little more love. The chickens see the pumpkins and run to their doors waiting on me to crack them open for them. I crack them against a cinder block by the door. My fingers are cold, and of COURSE I miss the first blow with the pumpkin and scrape my knuckles across the cinder block. SON OF A GUN that hurts!!! I toss the pumpkins to the chickens who could really care less if I now have bleeding knuckles. Time to head back to the house to my warm fire....and coffee. Put up the milk...drink my Kefir...and go looking for dry clothes and socks and wash my wounds.  It is nice to be inside....warm and dry....but they are calling for snow tonight. Need to get some kindling into the garage so it can dry out. I am thinking potato soup...yes, warms the body inside and out.

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