Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whooo wee! It is Windy out there.!

Today, I headed out to care for the I step out, I was slapped in the face by a cold strong wind. You know, the kind that takes your breath away for a minute.  Now THAT is a wake up call! Dump the cat food to the kitties, and head to the barn. Looks like rain. Oh, how I hope it DOES rain! If not, I will have to drag 300 ft of water hoses to the barn to fill the troughs. YUK. NOT my favorite thing. So, I step into the now very clean barn, and stop to just take in the sweet smells. Fresh hay, clean straw...and my sheep. I just LOVE the smell of Lanolin in the morning. I set off to get everyone fed, PB pigs first, as they are the loudest protesters. Then the sheep, and the buck, then Suzie, my dairy goat. She hops into the stanchion like an old pro and I set to washing her teets...I feel something on my hand, and look down to see Kiki, the cat, pawing at my hand, trying to get me to give him the first squirts. He loves his milk in the morning, and since he follows me on my chores..I oblige. Nom nom, fresh milk!
 All the poultry are fed, watered and set out for the day. The dogs are lazing on the sofa, and I am getting ready to grind some wheat berries. I am going to make some pancakes and eggs for breakfast...Mmmm, I can almost taste it already!
Tonight's supper will be beef ravioli's , salad, and fresh bread. For dessert...Angel food cake with strawberries.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day...relax...enjoy the day.

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