Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is that screaming? And why at 5 am?

The weather has been pretty warm, in the 50's at night, so last night I left the bedroom window open. LOVE sleeping with fresh air blowing in. However, what I do NOT love, are the sounds that come in the night. So, about 5 am, I wake to this horrible screaming. Not just screaming, but, to a beat. What the?? So I drag myself out of bed, and go to the front door, where I find one of the kittens munching on the hind end of a rabbit that I am sure the mother caught, but the rabbit is not dead! It is injured bad enough that it can not get away, so as the kitten is chewing, the rabbit is screaming! Oh jeesh!! So, I grab up the rabbit, and end its suffering and toss it back to the cats. No use in wasting it now, right? What a way to wake up, and a hour and a half before my alarm! Grrrr. I get wash up, get the coffee going, and get to my E Mail...daily horrible scope says something to the effect...not a good day to be out and about..stay home, work on house chores. Well poop!
I sat here listening to the rain..heavy rain...dreading going out to the barn chores. Get a hot cup of Folgers in me, and head out. Poor Fred, my little black Pygmy Buck, is drenched to the skin.

With all the rain we have gotten, his shelter was drenched inside, and surrounded by water. Poor guy! So, I feed everyone, get Fred into the other pasture, and get the milking finished. You know the old can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink? Well.....ever try to lead a goat to water, that is surrounded by water? Suzie's trough is sitting in the middle of a BIG puddle, she sooo wanted the water...but did NOT want to get her feet wet. I grabbed her by the collar, and led her soon as her front foot hit the puddle, on came the brakes! 2 things goats hate, getting wet..and having their collars pulled on. She was not having a good morning either. So, I get a bucket and fill it for the "princess" and take it in the shelter. She stood there sucking water for a good 3 minutes! Poor gal. I will refill it later, when I head back out to finish Fred's shelter. Oh yes, Fred's shelter.....It is a big wooden crate....4 ft tall x 3 ft deep x 5 ft wide. ALL WOOD, wet...and heavy as... well, you know. SO I had to move this crate this morning. I flipped it over, turned it, scooted it..and finally was able to get it out of the moat. Cleaned it out, hung a hay feeder inside so his hay is up off the ground and dry...added straw, then, added Fred. Stinky, wet Fred! I wreak!!! Go back to the barn, bust open another pumpkin, save the seeds for later, and divide it amongst the animals....saving some for the coops. I will head out in a few to finish Fred's shelter, need to add some wood to the outside to keep the rain from blowing in the cracks, I had left purposely for ventilation. ( yeah, not one of my better ideas) The chickens were thrilled getting pumpkin for breakfast. The ducks are all out splashing in the puddles....the cats..well, I don't want to talk to the cats after this morning's 5 am wake up. Weatherman says rain today, so looks like I will be working in the rain getting Fred a dry place to stay. Oh, and I had a gal contact me about taking in a rabbit...a pet...she needs to re-home. So, I have to get that shelter set up for a bunny. Need to add straw, and a box. Not a big deal, just another little job needs to be done today! Well, my coffee is gone, so I better head back out. I hope you all stay clean and dry today!

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