Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recipes and rain!

So, the sugar free Banana Bread went over well with hubby. Being it was wheat flour, I thought it a little dry, just warmed it up and added lots of butter...ahhh, MUCH better!

I will definitely make this for my Father in-law. Might add another egg to fluff it up some, and a little more applesauce, for moistness.  Eh, who knows. So then this morning I made the Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie. This recipe called for Splenda. I DETEST the stuff, but FIL uses it in everything. Hubby likes it..but I didn't care for it. I can taste the splenda, yuk!

I made another pumpkin pie, with real sugar, for Thanksgiving, but had to throw it in the freezer so it stays fresh. Then I started on the chocolate chip cookies. Done! Whew! Tomorrow, buckeyes,Cherry Pie, Russian Tea Cakes.
So today was another day of rain...and lots of it!  Getting poor Suzie from the barn to the pasture was a chore in itself. She does not like to walk in water, and well, there is water everywhere. Once in the pasture, she ran to the shelter and bawled most of the day. I broke down and took her back to the barn, to her nice clean dry stall.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so maybe she will want to be outside...she is going to have to be, I need to clean her stall, and run to town, and bake, bake, bake! My daughter and her husband will be coming in tomorrow evening and spending the night. They have a 4 hr drive one way, I am just glad they will be here. I miss her so much!!
Little Juliette was a pill today, she was able to escape her pen 2 times! Juliette is the pot belly pig momma. She just wanted to get out in the pasture and graze...but I need her to stay in her pen. She chases the sheep when she gets out there with them. It is funny to watch, for a few minutes, but I do feel sorry for the sheep. Luckily little Juliette is sweet tempered and tame...she will just follow me back to the barn and into her yard. Hopefully weekend after this all the pot belly pigs will be going to their new home. I am excited!! Their new momma is excited to get them there as well.
Well, that's another day here on this little farm...not too much excitement...thankfully. Time to get some shut eye and get ready for another busy day tomorrow.

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