Monday, November 14, 2011

EEEEkkkk, the Hair monster!!

So, for those of you who have will laugh at this one. See, I have sorta long hair, past my shoulders, almost to my elbows. For this reason, I almost ALWAYS put my hair in a pony tail before heading outside. was one of "those" days...seems I was walking backwards all day, not really getting a whole lot done. I had a woman contact me about my last 5 silky chickens I had for sale. She wanted to come get them today. Sweet.. 5 less mouths to feed over winter. While she was here we talked about the farm here, the fostering we do for a rescue, and showed the baby pot belly pigs to her son. ( Who by the way was cute as a bugs ear) ok, so...Sold the chickens, check. Had to come inside and finish dinner...venison steaks with peppers and onions in gravy. YUMMO! Got hubbys lunch all packed and got him out the door. I ran into town to do a few errands, and was able to score some free pumpkins! Whoot! The animals will love them. By the time I get home, it was getting late, so I rushed out to do the chores..and forgot to pull up my hair. UGH Suzie decided brown straw like substance, must eat! I am trying to milk her, she is turning around trying to munch on my hair. So I tucked my hair in my jacket and finished milking.Once everyone in the barn was settled for the evening I went to the is where the "hair monster" comes in. The chickens were all going in their coops getting ready for the evening...talking softly to each other abut the day. I started to close all the pop doors.This always brings the chickens to my side as they are super nosy critters. As I leaned down to grab the pop door, the wind came rushing in and blew my hair almost straight up! I am sure the chickens thought some sort of monster was after them, they all screamed and ran, running into and over each other to get away from the terrible "hair monster" This set me to giggling, as I watched the poor hens cower in the corner. I finished closing all the pop doors....and tried to settle them down, WOW, 20 chickens and roosters in a coop with all the doors closed, screaming and carrying on is almost deafening. I couldn't I turned to leave...I flipped my hair one more time...again, screaming and carrying on. I know, cheap thrills...but, that's how it goes some days! Guess I better remember to tie my hair up from now on.

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