Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This evening is finally drawing to a close. Whew. Tomorrow I am hoping for better weather so I can open the barn and air it out for the day.I am going to take the wet hay, and open the bales and fluff it into the manger...hoping it will dry and NOT mold. With all the rain, I think the only thing happy on this farm are the ducks. All the other animals seem to be in a rotten mood today. Goats do not like wet feet....and Suzie...Princess of the barn...definitely doesn't like it. When I turned her out this morning, she put on the brakes at the door and looked back at me as if I was sending her to the hounds of hell. I had to drag her out to the pasture. Poor girl, I know, I am so mean.A big piece of pumpkin made it a little better however, she stood in her shelter most of the day, complaining loudly to me when she saw me outside. She was super excited to get back to the barn this evening. So as this day draws to a close...I hear my pillow calling me...and in a few hours, I will hear the animals calling to me again! :)

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