Sunday, November 20, 2011

What a few days it has been!

So, I haven't been on in a few days....I was hit by Strep! Let me tell you something...strep is by far, the worst thing I have ever had..and I have had several things. This little bug had me flat on my back for 2 straight days, praying for an end...just to feel better. I don't know how kids do it! I mean, I was crying, moaning, begging for it to all end....maybe I am a woosie. LOL My son and daughter in law brought me chicken noodle soup, and orange sherbet the second day, and by Saturday, I was on my feet and able to get to the doctor. Yeah, I was too sick to even go to the doctor....LOL So, I am now on the mend, and hit the ground running...well...ok, not running, but I am up and mobile.
Saturday afternoon we drove to Kentucky to my sisters for Thanksgiving. We had a great time there. Great food, family, laughing...great memories.My sister inlaw and niece's made an assembly line, and put together these cute little Oreo cookie turkeys.

They are made with miniature peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, some white icing for "glue" and candy corn  and of course, Oreo's The kid's all loved them.
We all visited into the evening and headed home. I had all of my animals bedded down before we left, so I was able to come in, get cleaned up and straight into my jammies. Ahhhhhh....nice!
Weatherman says 4 days of rain, booo hiss! They are predicting almost 5 inches! REALLY!??? Do they even KNOW what 5 inches of rain will do to this place!?? We are talking deep POOP SOUP!!! Ohhh, how I dread it. 
I was able to get the big double cage moved inside the coop this morning and get the pigeons moved over into their new winter homes. This will allow me to use only ONE heat lamp if the temps get too cold.
Oh, and hopefully, I will have a new addition to the farm next week. I can't tell you all what, but IF I can get them here, I will have plenty pics and it will be super exciting!! So, on that note...I will have to go and try to make the plans...wish me luck in my new adventure...

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