Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what a storm!

Wow! Last night we had some storm! November....tornado watches, high winds, lightening, LOTS and LOTS of rain!! So this morning as I head out to assess the damages...I get on my water boots to wade through what was once a yard, but is now a bog. Poor little Fred is soaked. Looks like I need to do some work on his shelter...if only he would quit tearing it up! A frustrated buck can do a lot of damage to a shelter. In the barn, I noticed that the winds had blown the rain in...and I how have wet hay. UGH!!!!! Not all of it, but at least the top 3 bales. I will have to get that moved today as well. Suzie was more than ready to be milked her udders were tight this morning. After milking Suzie decided she wanted to sample the pumpkins before heading outside. Such a little turd. So after turning her outside, I split a big old pumpkin between her and the PB pigs. The sheep are not interested, at least not this morning.
 So, today is outside work, getting things dry again, and hopefully keeping them dry. Nothing like a good strong storm to show you where you lack at being a builder.

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